Fans, Pagans, SCAdians Wanted

to help buy land for a Fan-Haven

Leslie Fish has found a square mile (640 acres) of good land, with abundant water, an hour's drive north of Phoenix Arizona. 230 acres of this is currently clainmed by Fan Haven. (We can expand as more money comes in.) It's hilly, forested, wild land with lots of deer, hawks, and even bear -- and the only neighbors will be other fen. We can use the land now as a campground. Later, well...

SCAdians: We can build authentic period buildings, and even a castle on one of the hills, have a year-around 'educational display' and hold any size and kind of event we want.

Pagans: We can build a Stonehenge, plant a Sacred Grove, have any size or kind of ceremony without hassles from anybody.

Fans: We could test model rockets here. If we want

to build cabins, tunnel an underground building into a hill, or build a hotel that will always welcome SF Cons, we can -- because we will own it.

Help Wanted

Contact Leslie Fish care of Fan Haven if you are interested in either of these oportunities.

Here's How

Understand, this will take money, and soon. We've formed a 'Fan-Haven Club' to hold title to the land. $100 will buy membership in the club, and larger investments are eagerly sought. (for larger voting rights in the club, naturally)

We want dedicated people with skills who are willing to work hard, work together amiably, in order to plan, design, and construct our dream. Remember, this is virgin wilderness; if we want to put anything there, we'll have to build it ourselves.

Preliminary club rules

  1. One share = one membership: vote, voice, responsibility, etc.
  2. Shares are $100.00 in standard money until the land is paid for. After that, shares may be paid for in money or labor.
  3. All arguments and policies shall be decided by group discussion and consensus (except in an emergency, when the nearest person handy will be stuck with it, which is always what happens anyway.)
  4. If anyone afterwards wants out, the club gets 'first call' purchase-offer rights for the first 60 days.

Any fans willing to contribute to fan haven but who can't affort a full membership, send whatever donation you can and you will get one tumbled gemstone.

To join, or ask for more details contact:

Leslie Fish
1415 N. Country Club Drive, #2107
Mesa, AZ 85201