ConFurence Filk Winners

CF0 (1989) "Eyes of the Wolf", by Tanith Teer
CF1 (1990) "Furry", lyrics by Kay Shapero
CF2 (1991) "Hope By Her Smile", by Michael Payne
CF3 (1992) "Master of the Seventh Blade", by Christina Hanson
CF4 (1993) "Flying Purple Parking Meter", lyrics by Bruce Lane
CF5 (1994) "I'm Going to ConFurence Five", lyrics by Samuel Conway
CF6 (1995) "Gently Falling Rain", by Michael Payne
CF7 (1996) "Tears Like Rain", by Seanan McGuire
CF8 (1997) (tie) "Cotillion", by Michael Payne
"Loot", lyrics by Lee Gold
CF9 (1998) "Hollow Hills", by Kay Shapero
CF10 (1999) "Invasion" by Leslie Fish
CF11 (2000) "The Flat Cat Was Cute", lyrics by Lee Gold
CF12 (2001) "Don't Draw Them Bigger Than Her Head", author unidentified*
CF 2002 "Furrier Transforms", lyrics by Martin DeMello
CF 2003 Theme: "Coyote Yodel", by Michael Payne
Audience Choice: "Wolfie Shorts", lyrics by Ian Martyn MooglePower

* The author left before anybody got his/her name. Anybody out there know whose this is?