Way back when I got my set of season 1 Babylon 5 DVDs, I decided to go through the series and make comments on things that took on new significance now that I'd seen the whole thing. Various stuff got in the way, but the release of Joe's Scripts nudged me into restarting the project so I can make my comments before reading his, and I've now reached season 5. These are NOT reviews (which you can find plenty of about the net - I'm hosting J. Paul Halt's comprehensive reviews which include the books as well as movies and series here as he gets them to me), these are just random comments of the "Hmm.. that reminds me of something that happened 3 seasons later" variety. Be Warned - there are MAJOR SPOILERS here for everything up through the end of the series. These comments are meant for people who have seen the whole thing.

Kay Shapero

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