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CaliFur 2 Pictures

Brought my camera but didn't get much chance to take pictures at the con, other than at the Reptile SIG. The Reptile and Amphibian Rescue Network was this year's charity; I don't know how much money we raised for them, but it should be announced soon. Meanwhile, just click on the thumbnails for full sized pictures.

Momcat and Aahz
Momcat and Aahz the Ball Python

Aahz the Ball Python.

Nexelion holding Aahz (popular snake!)

Tilly Longtail with (left to right)Geithen Bloomsford, Lyndon Baugh and Rapton X.

Fred Patten holding Aahz.

Tilly Longtail, the Bearded Dragon.

An Iguana brought to the Reptile sig by someone whose name I missed (anybody?)

Gem the corn snake.
And one more picture of Tilly, the Photogenic Bearded Dragon.

CaliFur 3 Pictures

This year I was running Volunteers, and was pretty much nailed to one spot for most of the con. Leastwise it was in the lobby, and the FurSuit parade passed right by me twice. Also Clifford the Big Red Dog came up and gave me a hug which is not something that happens every day. :) Just click on the thumbnails for full sized pictures. I know who very few of these people are, so if you see yourself or a friend please let me know.

Kat as Krystal from Starfox.

Another day in the con suite (good job, Carol!).

One kitty I can't identify, plus Ms. Muse the fox.

Just a part of the Fur Suit Parade!

Clifford the Big Red Dog
Unknown Dodger Fan (anybody?). Go Blue!

And now, on to the Reptile SIG.

Bearded dragon and friend.

Sin Kailine and Gem the corn snake.

Aahz the Ball Python investigates Fred Patten's sunburn.

Tilly Longtail, photogenic as ever.

Yard, the Box Turtle.

One of the travelling snake terraria for the smaller snakes, containing a recent shed.