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Websites Weird and Wonderful

Here're the sites to check for...

The Serious

Go To Project Gutenberg

The Weather , How to Register to Vote in the USA , USA Local Election Info , Find a US Senator , Find a US Congresscritter , Contact the US President , Read the US Constitution and Amendments , Doctors Without Borders , Christian Solidarity International , The Exotic Feline Breeding Compound , NASA Solar System explorations , Cassini-Huygens , Orthagonal map of the 32 Stars Nearest to the Sun , FanHaven , The LASFS , The Hugo Awards , SciFan Science Fiction books and links , Wikipedia SF conlist , , Xydexx' Anthrofurry Infocenter , JRR Tolkien Meta-FAQ , The TalkOrigins Archive , The Wayback Machine! , Guided by HTML Dog: HTML and CSS tutorials, references, and articles , FIDOnet , Gorgeous Crystal Science Paperweights and stuff, , Custom 404 pages , Firefox and Thunderbird , Howard Klingstein's Fruitcake recipe , 30 Most Popular Cat Breeds , and The Curious Tale of the Secret Service vs. Steve Jackson Games, or How the EFF was founded

The Silly

The Pasadena Doo Dah Parade!! , The Latest Bulwer-Lytton Winners , Exploding Whales and other things! , The Darwin Awards , The Eye Of Argon , ScamOrama , Icon Wars!! , Send Me To Glory in a Glad Bag... , Stories of Computer Folklore , I am the very model... , The Onion! , Conspiracies and other diversions

The Hard to Classify

Uncle Kage! , Urban Legends , Wonderful Things By Tom Digby , The Tale of Buddy the Cat , The Enchanted Duplicator , Star Trek Stuff! , Spiffy Celtic Stuff! (The Celtic Attic) , Lotsa Nifty Palm OS freeware stuff! , Ocarinas! , Behind the Name , Stupid Plot Tricks! , Some Very Pretty Sea Slugs , There's a Hole in the Bucket (or, Liza Returns!) , The Chronicles Of Khorlia, by Dave Fox , Doc's Place BBS , Harry Potter Spelling Dictionary (Text, text & word .dic (zipped))

Some Comic Strips/Art sites

Doc Rat , Faux Pas , Freefall , Hey Oscar Wilde! It's Clobbering Time! , Kevin and Kell , Unshelved , Tony Wu's photos

Zines modern and historical

Some "All Our Yesterdays" columns by Harry Warner Jr , Ansible , Anthro , Chronicles of Khorlia , , Science Fantasy News , Planetary Stories , Ray Gun Revival

The Astronomy Picture of the Day.