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last update June 26, 2018

Recently found and scanned all of the first volume of Intercepted. Now working on downloadable pdfs. I have two choices here - use the original scan, or clean it up first. Before I go any (whew!) further, which of these two do you think looks the best? original cleaned up. Just email me with your preference.

Alas, there were maybe two contributions to issue 17, and I never did get it made up. If anybody wants to restart this thing on the net sometime, let me know. Ye Ed.

Background information, The Cast List

Intercepted Issues for 2005 and on

The following back issues are available for download.

Note to hard copy subscribers: Almost none of the expected ads showed up for the current issue, and by the time I got tired of waiting it was way too late, so issue 16 is July/August. The issues should go out in the next couple of days after I write this, meanwhile you can read it off the website.

As of 2005 I have changed from identifying ascii editions by date and am instead identifying them by volume and issue, as is already done with the print zine. I will also start collecting issues by volume rather than year, after the end of volume 16.

Also, I have at least temporarily stopped limiting the contribution size - See Volume 16, Issue 12, above, for details.

While all issues for 2001 and 2002 are still available in print, I never made up ascii versions of most of them and probably never will.