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More Pictures from LACon IV

Click on the thumbnails for full sized pictures.

"Robot Row" was merely the beginning - there were a lot of truly fascinating exhibits, including, but by no means limited to the following.

Ambulance (Firefly)

Shawn Crosby's H-Wing (Star Wars inspired)

Rocket Racing in the Real World!!

Huge paper maché rocket composed of Brewster Rocket strips.

Replica of a Lunar Lander.

Replica of the Lunar Rover.

Full Scale Model of the Mars Rovers Spirit and Opportunity.

Closeup of the Mars Rover Model sampler. Dig we must!

Between the Arena, and the Exhibits, Art Show and Dealer's Room was the Spaceport Lounge! A few pictures.

I stood in the middle of the Lounge facing the Stargate and turned around to film the full circuit. Be warned
a) I don't have a tripod so it's pretty unstable and
b) it's a 10 M .mov file.

Stargate (Stargate SG-1)

One of David Okamura's many intricate paper sculptures that adorned the Lounge was the Space Ark. (When Worlds Collide)

Another Okamura sculpture, the Martian Maggot. (Duck Dodgers in the 24 1/2 Century)

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