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Even More Pictures from LACon IV

I generally didn't get time to note down names, so anybody who appears here who'd like to be identified or removed please notify me. Click on the thumbnails for full sized pictures.

From The Babel Conference Ambassadorial Reception (Original Star Trek 40th anniversary)

I believe the wearer told me this is original (though it does look sorta Stargatish); anyway it's a spiffy costume!

Guinan. (ST:TNG)

Dr. Miranda Jones in her sensor web from "Is There In Truth No Beauty?", I think. (OST) [My thanks to Eric's Excruciatingly Detailed Star Trek (TOS) Plot Summaries for the title]

No idea, other than that it looks Star Trekish.

A Starfleet Family!

No idea, though I get the spooky feeling of Vala from Stargate SG-1 paired up with Harry Mudd.

Strange things may be carried in a jetpack. (ST)

The Doctor, of course, may be expected to turn up anywhere. (Dr. Who)

Some Other Pictures

Frank Gasperik, holding forth in the Sin Pit.

Leslie Fish, demonstrating why the Sin Pit was dubbed the Fish Trap. (Thanks to host Bob Clevenger and anybody else involved in setting it up.)

Last, but not least, His Noodliness Himself, the Flying Spaghetti Monster, perched on the head of fan Francesca Flynn.

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