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Some ConFurence pictures

From CF 2002
One of the goodies I got for being a SuperSponsor at ConFurence 2002 was a single-use camera, which I finally got around to taking to the developers. It appears I cut off a lot of heads, but here are a handful of pictures that came out ok. (click on thumbnails for full size version)
Scenes from the Reptile SIG

Jim Groat meets Valentine, the gopher snake.

Lyndon Baugh from the Reptile and Amphibian Rescue Network with Sunkist the Everglades rat snake around his neck, and Valentine on the table in front of him.

Shanna Linker and Commodius, the ball python.
In Other Locales

In keeping with the noir theme, ConFurence 2002 included a live murder mystery game. Here's the blackmail picture behind it all!

Vicky Shapero as Kuro Neko-sama from Trigun. "Meow meow!"

From CF 2003
Again I got a camera for being a SuperSponsor (called Patron this year), and had fun with it. Here are some of the results. Click on the thumbnail for full size pictures:

Our fabled filk GOH, Leslie Fish holding forth in the Con Suite.

And who could be as appropriate at a Far West Furrycon as Coyote?

OK, maybe Raven. :->

And here's a visiting Tiger.

Momcat Myers of the Reptile and Amphibian Rescue Network holding the largest of the three bearded dragons at the Reptile SIG (see, you should have gone to see it!):-> You will believe a lizard can purr...

Not sure who this is (anybody?), but she's holding Aahz, the ball python.

Blars seems to have acquired a volunteer belt, here... :-> (Yes, it was the snake's idea, not his...)