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Alive and FilkingFloating Filk
Bedlam CatsUnlikely Publications
Best of Golden BaughGolden Baugh
Beyond the ShadowsGolden Baugh
Blake's 7 songs - Some Dreams Are Worth HavingJudith Proctor
Castles and SkyscrapersUrban Tapestry
Clam Chowder - LeftoversBivalve Records
Echoes on the WindCrystal Rose Productions
Filk from a Developing Country - Vol. 1 "Neofan" Juliane Honisch (1993)
Four On the FloorRenee Alpert
How Many of Them Can We Make Die?Conglomeration, Inc.
In Space, No One Can Hear You SingLA Filkharmonics
It Was Late... Bayfilk III SongbookBayfilk III
No Sheep AloudFloating Filk
North Coast CabaretNorth Coast Productions (NCP 001)
Owling at the MoonDodeka Records (DR-10010)
Recycled RogowFloating Filk
Scaring the SheepFloating Filk
Station BreakFesarious Productions
Sweet & SpicyMarilyn Brahen
The Black UnicornDAG Productions
ConChord ConcertDAG Productions
The Trek Goes OnOther Worlds Books
WalkaboutDodeka Records (DR-10003)