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(Last update October 28, 2009)
There have been a number of filk publishers in the past, many of which are now longer publishing and whose works are out of print. Various folks are compiling lists of these old publications, which I've offered to place in the FAQ as they send me copies. Thus far, I've got Off Centaur, the beginnings of a list for THOR records, and Wail Songs. I've also got some listings from existing filk publishers such as Random Factors and Firebird Arts and Music, along with a handful of liner notes from other publishers. All of these have blanks I'd like to be able to fill in. Anybody with info please contact me.

See also the UK Filk Music Database, currently under construction, the filk.info Filk DataBase (mostly bi-lingual German/English), and Massfilk's Filk Book Index

Kay Shapero