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Songlists from Various Filk Albums

(My thanks to Mary Creasey, Harold Stein, others for compiling these)

Credits are as follows - performers are in parentheses (), writers (when available - the first Bayfilk tapes didn't have author credits) are in brackets as follows [lyrics/tune]. If no separate performer is listed, it was performed by the author

Additions and corrections gratefully appreciated.

Bayfilk Concert


Side A
Intro. & Brush Up Your SF (L.A. Filkharmonics)
The Wanderer (Karen Willson)
Sweet Alice (Cynthia McQuillin)
The Owl and the Pussy Cat (Oak, Ash & Thorn)
The Short Happy Life of Michael De Sandocal (Margaret Middleton)
Toast For Unknown Heroes (Leslie Fish)
Drinking Tullamore Dew (Margaret Middleton)
Betelgeuse (Oak, Ash & Thorn) Gilda and the Dragon (Cynthia McQuillin)

Side B
Thurb, Kemmer, Grok (Oak Ash & Thorn)
Rowan Tree (Cynthia McQuillin)
No High Ground (Leslie Fish)
Womp Rat Clementine (L.A. Filkharmonics)
Misty of the Morning (Karen Willson)
Child of Darkness (Cynthia McQuillin)
Dorsai Rover (Margaret Middleton)
Transport 18 (Leslie Fish)
The War Is Over (L.A. Filkharmonics)
Star to Steer By (Karen Willson)

Bayfilk Crazies


Side A
Bayfilk Crazies (Leslie Fish)
Tully & Ice (Margaret Middleton)
Talking Airplane Blues (Gary Anderson)
Ode to Gordy (Group)
Fan's Revenge (Leslie Fish)
Programmer's Alphabet (Steve Savitzky)
Stone Dance (Leslie Fish)
At the World Con (Group)
Mage Who Lost His Glasses (Corey Cole)

Side B:
We Are the Trufan (Middleton)
Things Are Quiet (Mike Roberts)
Zolena (Ev Turner)
Larry's Rad Lab (Mike Roberts)
R.R.C.S.S.D.P. (Paul Willett)
Banned From Argo (Leslie Fish)
Few Hours (David Bratman)
Romulan View (Paul Willett)
Paper Mistress (Jordin Kare)
Repent Ye Harlan (Cynthia McQuillin)
Filksingers Ball (Group)

Best of Bayfilk


Side A
Queen of Air and Darkness (Catherine Cook)
The Owl and the Pussycat (Oak, Ash & Thorn)
A Pict's Song (Group)
The Crafty Maid's Policy (A. Robins)
The Nightflyer (Karen Willson)
Darkness (Jordin Kare)
Misdummer's Song (Margaret Middleton)
Dark Desires (Cynthia McQuillin)
Cycles (Gary Anderson)

Side B
Alien (Group)
All Debts Are Paid (Jordin Kare)
Windwalker (Karen Willson, Weber, Catherine Cook, Bounds)
Herriot's Ford [sic] (Leslie Fish)
Raven Banner (Catherine Cook)
Murderous Little Toy (M. Roberts)
Speed of Light (Jordin Kare)
The Elementals (C. Weber)
Come Away Melinda (E. Aitken Sahm, Catherine Cook)

Bayfilk II: Concert, Volume 1


Side A
Wong's Lost and Found Emporium [Diana Gallagher]
Cthulu Gone [Leslie Fish]
Hallelujah, I'm A Bum [Spokane IWW] (Holly Tannen)
Monsters In the Nights [Diana Gallagher]
Post Mortem [Frank Hayes]
Ship of Steel [Cynthia McQuillin]
Tahl D'Jehn [Diana Gallagher]
Queen of Hearts [Trad.] (Juanita Coulson)
Flights of Fancy [Diana Gallagher]
Heel and Toe [Trad., arr. Paul Espinoza] (Golden Bough)
Song at the Ready [[Suzette] Hayden Elgin] (Diana Gallagher)

Side B:
Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster Blues [Diana Gallagher]
Thais [Levy] (Juanita Coulson)
Space Station Annie [Cynthia McQuillin]
Moon Miners [Diana Gallagher]
Moscow Nights/Afghanistan [Frank Hayes/ Matusovskii/Solovyov-Sedoi] (Frank Hayes)
Survivor's Song [Julia Ecklar]
Dark the Times [Christy/ M. Robin] (L.A. Filkharmonics)
A Reconsideration of the Anatomical Docking Maneuvers In A Zero-Gravity
Environment [Diana Gallagher]
Immortality Stomp [Leslie Fish]
Beyond the Horizon [Diana Gallagher]

Border Patrol

(Firebird's remake of the OCP _Where No Man..._ . Many of the songs are the same, but not all, and many of the performers are different. Here, the (performer) is the listed lead singer.)

Side A
Border Patrol [D.F. Sanders/Heather Alexander] (Heather Alexander)
Bones [Leslie Fish] (Frank Hayes)
Open Hailing Frequency [D.F. Sanders/Leslie Fish] (Cecelia Eng)
Harry Mudd [Larry Warner] (Frank Hayes)
Eternal Loser [Leslie Fish] (Larry Warner)
Neutral Zone [Leslie Fish] (Juanita Coulson)
Cecelia Engineer's Hymn [Leslie Fish] (Bill Boyd)
Transport 18 [Leslie Fish]

Side B:
Security Strike [Cecelia Eng/Nisbet] (Cecelia Eng)
Iron Mistress [Leslie Fish] (Larry Warner)
Read My Lips [Bob Kanefsky/Leslie Fish] (Leslie Fish)
Last Mourner [Larry Warner] (Heather Alexander)
That's What Friends Are For [Bill Roper/Frank Hayes] (Bill Roper)
Companion [Leslie Fish] (Cecelia Eng)
Thousandth Man [Kipling/Leslie Fish] (Larry Warner)
Banned From Argo [Leslie Fish]



Side A
Blacksmith of the Brandywine [Pat and Victoria Garvey] (Julia Ecklar)
Skyrider [Martha Keller] (Juanita Coulson)
Parcel of Rogues [trad.] (Julia Ecklar and Catherine Cook)
Farewell, My Bonnie Scotland [Cynthia McQuillin] (Cynthia McQuillin, Joey Shoji, Catherine Cook)
Peacetime Soldier [Cynthia McQuillin] (Kathy Mar)
The Battle of New Orleans [Jimmy Driftwood] (Julia Ecklar)
The Incest Song [Buffy Ste. Marie] (Julia Ecklar)
Appeasement [Martha Keller/Juanita Coulson] (Juanita Coulson)
The Ballad of Penny Evans [Steve Goodman] (Julia Ecklar)
Draft Dodger Rag [Phil Ochs] (Kathy Mar, Shoji)
No High Ground [Leslie Fish] (Leslie Fish, Arlin Robins, Kathy Mar)

Side B:
Barrett's Privateers [Stan Rogers] (Julia Ecklar)
No Quarter, No Quarter [Martha Keller/Juanita Coulson] (Juanita Coulson)
Leslie Fisherman's Wife [trad.] (Julia Ecklar)
Widow With Shawl (A Portrait) [Donovan [Leitch]] (Kathy Mar)
The Dying Aviator [Anon.] (Leslie Fish)
Jimmy Newman [Tom Paxton] (Julia Ecklar)
Bonnie Davie [Cynthia McQuillin]
Johnny Be Fair [Ste. Kathy Marie] (Julia Ecklar)
Geordy [Trad.] (Kathy Mar)
The Bonny Ship the Diamond [trad] {Leslie Fish, others {anybody know? KS}}
When Armageddon Comes [Cynthia McQuillin]



Side A
Threes, Revision 1.1 [Duane Elms/Leslie Fish] Duane Elms
Bits [Bob Kanefsky/Leslie Fish] Leslie Fish
Shapes in Shadow [Kanefsky/ Leslie Fish] Heather Alexander
Recursive Memory Allocation [Kanefsky/ Trad.] Leslie Fish and Frank Hayes
Mr. Compatability [Tom Payne]
Homicidal [Duane Elms]
Techniphobe's Lament [Bob Kanefsky/Leslie Fish] Leslie Fish

Side B:
They Were Having A Sale At The Gun Store [Leslie Fish]
The Roving Repairman-O [Annie Lore]
The Ballad Of Elvis Presley's Sexual Orientation As Told Through The
Headlines of the National Enquirer [Joe Haldeman]
White Unicorn II [Bob Kanefsky/Heather Alexander] (Heather Alexander)
Ingrate [Bob Kanefsky/Cecelia Eng] (Cecelia Eng)
Sing in the Circle [Bob Kanefsky/Heather Alexander] (Heather Alexander)
Hard Times In Wisconsin [Frank Hayes/Leslie Fish] (Frank Hayes)
Filksingers, Filksingers [Bob Kanefsky/Leslie Fish] (Leslie Fish)

Fever Season


(All lead vocals Leslie Fish or Heather Alexander, backing each other with some additional backing vocals by Cecelia Eng.)

Side A
Fever Season [Mercedes Lackey/ C. J. Cherryh]
Rif's Falkener Slobber Song [Mercedes Lackey/C.J. Cherryh]
Guardian [Leslie Fish]
Canaler's Love Song [Mercedes Lackey/Heather Alexander]
Honest Rowan [Leslie Fish]
Black Water (Suicide) [Mercedes Lackey/C.J. Cherryh]
Something's Burning [Leslie Fish]

Side B:
Old Det's To Pay [Cecelia Eng]
Ladies of the Hightown [Mercedes Lackey/Leslie Fish]
The Cats of Jane [Mercedes Lackey/Leslie Fish]
Falken Lover [Mercedes Lackey/Leslie Fish]
Golden Rule [Mercedes Lackey/Leslie Fish]
Dark Lover [Mercedes Lackey/Leslie Fish]
Where Do We Go From Here [Leslie Fish]

Fire in the Sky

(Self-pub, later carried by Wail Songs)

(All songs performed by Jordin Kare. Songs written by Jordin Kare unless otherwise noted.)

Side A
Blazon [Clif Flynt]
All Debts Are Paid
Kantrowitz 1972 [HEL Crew's Song]
Callahan's Bar [Jordin Kare/Stephen Foster]
Bloody Bastards
Sail For Amber
The Designer

Side B:
The Engineer
Unified Field Theory [Jordin Kare/Shel Silverstein]
Pioneer's Song
Wanderer/Fire In the Sky
Song of the Bear II [Jordin Kare/Melissa Williamson]



(All songs performed by Julia Ecklar. All songs written by Julia Ecklar except as noted.)

Side A
Vow of Vengeance
The Curse
Rest Stop [Julia Ecklar and Leslie Fish]
Innocence Lost
The Escape
God Lives On Terra

Side B:
Daddy's Little Girl
The Hero's Song
Born Again Trek
Lost [Pat Beese/Julia Ecklar]
One Final Lesson
For the Need of the One

The Grim Roper


Side A
Follow the Rising Stars
Our Last Battle
Miracle Man
Dream Rider
Dark Moon Rising
Shadow of the Nighttime
The Songs of Distant Earth
Riders of the Rim
The Wind From Rainbow's End

Side B:
Space is Dark
Dream Ship
Teaching Song
Children Of Tomorrow
The Wrong Side Of The Sky
The Horse of Silver Gold
Library Song

Bill Roper/vocals, guitar
Kristoph Glover/arrangements, guitar, keyboards. drum
John McQuillin/keyboard arrangements
Robin Petrie/hammer dulcimer
Heather Alexander/bodhran

Harlequinade: NolaCon II

(Wail Songs)

(There was also a second album, _Harlequinery_.)

Side A
Horses Of Air [Cynthia McQuillin] (Cynthia McQuillin & Jane Robinson)
Illusion of Fire [Carol Poore]
Hound of the Baskervilles [Jane Mailander/Brenda Sutton] (Brenda Sutton)
Publish & Be Damned [Philip Allcock/Chris Bell] (Philip Allcock)
Stepping Stones [Bill Sutton]
The Preacher & the Prof [Jane Robinson] (Jane Robinson & Cynthia McQuillin)
Don't Ever Call Me Stupid [Brenda Sutton]
Good Morning, Mister Johnson [Kathy Mark Bernstein]

Side B:
Threes, Rev. 1.1 [Duane Elms]
Do It Yourself [Bill Sutton]
The Designer [Jordin Kare]
The Cecelia Engineer [Jordin Kare]
Woodland Dream [Dick Nevell/ Bob McQuillen] (Dave Clement)
Gateways [Lee Gold/ Trad.] (Barry Gold)
The Pioneer [Debra Sanders/ Tera Mitchel] (Tera Mitchel)
Lightship [Leslie Fish] Technical Difficulties
Mommy, Can I Have A Spaceship? [Joey Shoji]
High Frontier [Poore & Barb Riedel] (Poore, Riedel, Bill Roper, Clif Flynt)

Rebel Yells [1986 WorldCon]


Side A
Come You Knights [Sheila Willis] (T.J. Burnside, Linda Melnick, Sheila Willis [Technical Difficulties])
Moscow Nights/Afghanistan [Frank Hayes/ Matusovskii/Solovyov-Sedoi] Frank Hayes
Ladyhawke! [Julia Ecklar]
Vengeance Is Mine [Leslie Fish] [actual title, "Zero Game"]
Bring Me A Star [Cynthia McQuillin] (Cynthia McQuillin, Joey Shoji)
The Ballad of Stan Long: A Sexist Epic [Joe Haldeman]
Doppelganger [Kathy Mar]
The Dinosaur Song [C.J. Cherryh] (Mercedes Lackey)
Carmen Miranda's Ghost [Leslie Fish]

Side B:
Baby Boom [Mistie Joyce/Kathy Mar] (Kathy Mar)
Sweet Obsession [Cynthia McQuillin]
Blood Child [Joey Shoji]
Celtic Woman's Song [Heather Rose Jones] (Leslie Fish)
Like A Lamb To the Slaughter [Frank Hayes]
Tully's Homecoming [Mercedes Lackey/C.J. Cherryh] (Mercedes Lackey)
ChallCecelia Enge [Julia Ecklar]
Wishful Thinking [Alan Thiesen] (Technical Difficulties)
Dancing On the Moon/A Wishful Legacy For Challenger [Diana Gallagher Wu] [same as Diana Gallagher, above]
I Lobster But Never Flounder [Braddock/Braddock] (Randy Farran)
After the Con Is Over [Juanita Coulson/Harris] (Juanita Coulson)

Yankee Doodles [1986 Worldcon]


Side A
Technical Difficulties II [TD/Handel]
Demon in the Dark [Kathy Mar/Brenda Craven] (Brenda Craven [same as Brenda Sutton, above])
The Song [Rob Dean/Schroeder/Kathy Sands/ Leslie Fish] (Rob Dean)
Darkover Kathy March [Roberta Rogow/Harrigan Hart] (Roberta Rogow)
One More Ose Song [B.J. Willinger]
Do Lemons Grow In Space? [Paul Mac Donald/Tempchin] (Paul Mac Donald)
Lost Luggage [Kathy Sands/Bell] (Kathy Sands)
Masquerade [Bill Roper]
A Bed Is A Bed For Me [Peter Thiesen] (Peter Thiesen [same as Alan Thiesen])
It's Nerds That I Love [Dorian Tenore]
The Terrific Centrifugal Still [Bill Sutton]

Side B:
Ship Of Stone [Don Simpson] (Kathy Mar)
Suicide Ain't Painless [Farran/Altman/Mandel] (Farran)
Me, Me [Vinnie Bartilucci/Claps/Ciccett] (Vinnie Bartilucci)
Terminus Est [Julia Ecklar]
Woof [Diana Gallagher Wu]
Rif's Falkaener Slobber Song [Mercedes Lackey/C.J. Cherryh] (Mercedes Lackey)
Huckster's Song [Frank Hayes/ Paul Stookey] (Frank Hayes)
Kraken/Kitten [Leslie Fish / Simpson/Leslie Fish] (Leslie Fish)
Pell [Clif Flynt] Clif Flynt, Bill Roper, Joey Shoji, Mary Ellen Wessels)
No More SF Cons [Juanita Coulson/Trad.] (Juanita Coulson)

Shadow Spun


(All songs written and performed by Cynthia McQuillin.)

Side A
Shadow Harper
Black Lace And Midnight
The Witch And the Maiden
Sorcerer's Apprentice
Child Of Darkness
Dandelion Chains
Sword of Your Fathers
Shadow Spun
Battle Call
Rowan Tree

Side B:
Sung In Shadow
Merry Widow
Ruby Wine
Night's Master
Cruel Hunt
Gay Vampire Boogie

Singer in the Shadows


(There were two OCP versions of this one: the folkier North version with Joey Joey Shoji and Catherine Catherine Cook, and the more-rock South version with Bob and John McQuillin [Cindy's brother and father]. The track order is a little different, and there are two songs on the South version not on the North version. [The later Unlikely Special Edition release had fewer songs than either.] This is the South version, songs not on North in italics. All songs are written by Cynthia McQuillin.)

Side A
Singer in the Shadow
Love Deep As Rivers
Gilda and the Dragon
Bridal Lament
The Singing Sword
Soldier Of Fortune
Morgan's Song
Slay the Dead
Sweet Alice
The Tale of the Knightly Companion
Lisa D.

Side B:
Sometimes After Dark
Shuttle Lament
Promise of an Alien Sun
Bring Me A Star
Bitter Green
Ryan's Star
Rover's Lament
The Chieri
Flames of Destruction
The Tyrant's Tale
Camp Follower
DNA Boogie



(Leslie Fish, with backup by Catherine Cook. All songs by Leslie Fish unless otherwise indicated.)

Side A
Swamp Gas
Engineer's Hymn [Based on Kipling, but mostly Leslie Fish]
Toast For Unknown Heroes [Leslie Fish/ trad./United Mine Workers]
Iron Mistress
Freedom of the Snow
Skybound Blues [trad blues tune]
Song of the Men's Side [Kipling/Leslie Fish]

Side B:
The Thousandth Man [Kipling/Leslie Fish]
Sisters Dancing Together [Kathleen Taylor]
Grain Train
The Oyster Pirate
Drunken Alien [Leslie Fish and about 15 other people at a con/trad.]
Hope Eyrie

Space Heroes and Other Fools


Side A
Thoughts On Strange Visitors [Leslie Fish] (Julia Ecklar, Anne Harlan Prather)
Ballad to a Spaceman [Julia Ecklar]
Helva's Song [Anne Harlan Prather]
Space Hero [Leslie Fish] (Julia Ecklar, Anne Harlan Prather)
Iron Mistress [Leslie Fish] (Julia Ecklar)
Hero's Lullaby [Anne Harlan Prather]
Hymn To Breaking Strain [Kipling/Leslie Fish] (Julia Ecklar, Leslie Fish)
Darkness [Jordin Kare] (Julia Ecklar)

Side B:
Pushing the Speed Of Light [Jordin Kare] (Julia Ecklar, Anne Harlan Prather)
Silver [Julia Ecklar] (Julia Ecklar, Leslie Fish)
Syble's Song [Anne Harlan Prather]
Cold Dreams [Cynthia McQuillin] (Julia Ecklar)
Hanrahan's Bar [Cynthia McQuillin] (Anne Harlan Prather, Leslie Fish)
Crystal Singer [Anne Harlan Prather]
Homecomming [sic] [Julia Ecklar] (Julia Ecklar, Anne Harlan Prather)
Thoughts of a Homeless Alien [Julia Ecklar]

Time Winds Tavern


(One of two OCP "mythic beasties" albums, the other being _Snow Magic_. Lead singers listed.)

Side A
Time Winds Tavern [Teri Lee/Trad.] (Cynthia McQuillin)
Brownies [Kathy Mar]
Kraken [Leslie Fish] (Tera Mitchel)
The Gryphon [Cynthia McQuillin]
Harvey [Kathy Mar] (Joey Shoji, Catherine Cook)
The Kiren [Leslie Fish]
Howling Mountain [Kathy Mar]
The Roc [Leslie Fish] (Leslie Fish, Arlin Robins)
The Mermaid's Lament [Cynthia McQuillin]

Side B
Firebird [Mercedes Lackey/Kathy Mar] (Kathy Mar)
Sky Dancer [Joey Shoji]
Quetzalcoatl [Kathy Mar]
The Phoenix [Cynthia McQuillin]
Dragons in the Deep [Cynthia McQuillin] (Bill Sutton)
Gremlins [Leslie Fish]
The Basilisk [Kathy Mar/Cynthia McQuillin] (Cynthia McQuillin, Kathy Mar)
The Unicorn, Pegasus and I [Williams/ Tera Mitchel] (Tera Mitchel)
The Sphinx [Cynthia McQuillin]
Mis-Conception [Mercedes Lackey/Leslie Fish] (Leslie Fish)