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Tales from the Tipo Monxter

I've been collecting amusing typoes for awhile, mostly whilst reading fanfics - here are some of the silliest. More to come, no doubt...

  1. Scene - Harry Potter has gone to have it out with Tom Riddle in the latter's usual dramatically gothy surroundings. These are  duly described, ending with "Lighted scones gave a medieval atmosphere." source: Harry Potter fanfic

  2. Scene - someone has released the Basilisk into the Quidditch stadium during a big game, and everybody is taking a quick shot at it after it's been blinded.  "Fliers, get out there now, everyone who can perform a basting curse, on  the count of three.." source: Harry Potter fanfic (Will they be drowning it in broth or stitching it to death?)

  3. Scene – a couple of guards on sentry go and one is arguing about the necessity. "The other Death Eater snorted, 'Our Lord is asleep and within the bowls of the Manor.'source: Harry Potter fanfic

  4. Scene – reading the paper.  "Ron in his usual one-dimensional manor smirked.source: Harry Potter fanfic (I know he can be pointy headed, but...)

  5. "(Gavials) are not a treat to humans and are not capable of hunting larger animals due to the construction of their jaws.source: An internet article on Gavials.  (OK, I daresay they do taste a tad fishy… )

  6. "He saw Hagrid come up behind the remaining Death Eaters with a Cerebus on his heels.source: Harry Potter fanfic  (All right, Voldemort, time to face an Earthpig Born!)

  7. "requires one full lunar cycle just to prepare the wizard to rent his soul" source: Harry Potter fanfic (Is there an option to buy?)

  8. "Spherical shapes were pooping into existence all over the room." source: No idea - quoted in a ML by Sterling Summer; Thanks, Sterling!

  9. "there was something dangerous sulking around the castle." source: Harry Potter fanfic (Draco Malfoy with a hand grenade?)

  10. "Harry left his back on the floor and grabbed the shoulder flashlight before stepping to the cliff." source: Harry Potter fanfic (The Incredible Plastic Man strikes again!)

  11. "Voldemort raised his left hand, 'Avada Kadiva.'" source: Harry Potter fanfic (Then the fat lady sang?)

  12. "'How could I have been so selfish?', Harry silently castrated himself." source: Harry Potter fanfic (Ouch!)

  13. "Ron... ruminated over Honeydukes and their many famous sweats." source: Harry Potter fanfic (Eww..)